Case Study #5

Maintenance Management System (MMS) for UNI-TAT ICE & marketing Singapore PTE LTD

Uni-Tat Ice engaged ASTrio to implement Maintenance Management System (MMS) which is
Web-Mobile based software for managing the different types of vehicle maintenance services and
tracking maintenance job orders as well as parts inventory management. The project was
successfully completed and running on the MMS server at Uni-Tat Ice office.

  • Generation of the service job based on the schedule plan and ad-hoc request.
  • Clear visibility of service orders in different statues with rollback features on Web GUIs.
  • Conduct service request on tablet with convenience.
  • Tracking each service order from request stage to close stage.
  • Logging and Tracking Annual vehicle inspection, insurance and road tax.
  • Fast service log searching.
  • Auto inventory deduction used for service jobs
  • Reliable on-site service request transferring to MMS server
  • Historical service data extraction.